Wednesday 19 August 2015

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Craft the World - Giant Red Ants Description
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One of the underground monsters in Craft the World game are the giant red ants. They appear in small earth pockets and are not very dangerous if we proceed with them correctly. We must try and search an entrance to the pocked from its natural level and not from above. Or we can break from above and place a Portal on their level. They can be lethal for a single dwarf, so we must call the cavalry when fighting them. The giant ants will appear from their hive as long as there is one left outside. So connecting the pocket with another tunnel may let some ant escape and wander around while the hive bring more of them.

Game Data:
Name: Craft The World
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS) Live Simulator (SIM)
Genre: Fantasy (Dwarves)
Year of Release: 2013
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info
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