Tuesday 22 March 2016

Civilization: Call to Power - Screenshots Walthrough

Civilization: Call to Power Main Screen
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Civilization: Call to Power, or shorter CTP 1, is another variety of regular civilization game, which is quite successful. The clean isometric graphic is amazing and the base differences in concept and gameplay makes it worth trying. Although the game is from 1999, it have a 1280x1024 screen resolution!
Recorded adventure archive 14.03.2016 - 22.03.2016.
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Game Data:
Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern. (Earth)
Year of Release: 1999
Platform: PC/Windows max 1280 res.
The First City. There we are in the wild unexplored lands of CTP. There is a river, the most excellent place for a city. Rivers give +5 of every resources. They are again food, production and gold in larger numbers.
Civilization: Call to Power monuments
After the third science we can develop the monuments. They have no game effect.
Civilization: Call to Power Public Works.
Public Works. In Civilization: Call to Power the city improvements like farms, roads and mines, are built with public works. There are two ways to obtain public works. One is by taking a percentage of all production of all cities from the CIV menu, as shown on the screenshot. Another is to make a city to build Infrastructure, which works the same way, as Capitalisation, which produces gold. It is good to think for 1-2 farms or mines as soon as possible.
Civilization: Call to Power Ruins
Ruins. As always there are some lost ruins around the map, which can give a city, a unit, a science, 100-200 gold, a crazy barbarian or nothing.
Civilization: Call to Power Wonders
As always, Wonders bring cool bonuses. They are totally different from the regular civ and only the latest wonders do not expire. We should have the Nanopedia, Immunity Chip, National Shield and Gaia Controller at all costs.
Civilization: Call to Power Improvements
Placing improvements. Having 200 PW, we may place our first farm. But the optional strategy is to wait for the discovery of Ocean Farming, which allow the Automated fisheries. Then we boost the public work generation as much as possible to build one fishery for every city. The water is the coolest terrain in CTP, and should be focused on. This on its side, need a good naval defense, when enemies come to destroy the fisheries.
Civilization: Call to Power Battles
Battles. The most exciting part in CTP is the battle view. This is totally different from the regular civ. In Civilization: Call to Power there are two lines in battles. One for melee attack and one for ranged attackers or defenders. before we consider any attack in ancient ages, we will need the Samurais or legions for the first line and archers, for the second. Ranged attackers will fire first at the enemy first line. Large armies without rangers may easily fall.
Civilization: Call to Power Queries
Queries. Another cool feature of the CTP are the queries. We can set a buildings order and use it for every city when needed. The queries appear in the latest civ versions and the Free Civ.
Civilization: Call to Power Shelf terrain
Shelf terrain. There are 3 types of water terrain. The coast. The shelf. And the ocean. The Shelf is the best of all. It gives good amount of food, production and gold as well. When building cities, they should be most desirable. A city on one square island, like this one on the screenshot, will become one of the top 5 cities later in game. The shafts themselves have 2 types. The deep shaft do not allow construction of water roads later in game, so plan accordingly.
Civilization: Call to Power classical era
And there we are in the classical era. The cities have lovely red roofs.
Civilization: Call to Power Ship wall.
Ship wall. Ship walls are good for stopping the irritating rivals from entering our territories, defending the trade roots and fisheries.
Civilization: Call to Power Spies
 Spies. They are units with good sight radius. Can detect enemy spies and Bio attackers. Can steal technologies and revolt cities.
Civilization: Call to Power The lawyer
The lawyer. Strangely or not, the lawyer play an important role in ctp 1. It can detect rival lawyer and clean the cities of nasty set backs, caused by those rival lawyer and Corporate Branches.it is good to have one in every continent or island.
We are now in the modern ages. The cities now have high buildings and the most important unit becomes the tank. Tanks also have ranged attack, so no need for artilleries. But artilleries have bombardment attack - they can fire at units outside the battle view.
Civilization: Call to Power War Walker
 The ultimate unit in Civilization: Call to Power is the War Walker. It is not as tough as the next generations of tanks, but have the bombardment ability and Active defense - shooting units in space and planes. They are the best mobile defense for the empire.
Civilization: Call to Power Genetic Era
We finally enter the Genetic Era. The cities are now in strange round shapes.
Civilization: Call to Power Sea Engineer
Here is our first Sea Engineer. Water cities becomes the toughest ones, with a lot of production and gold from the ocean.
Civilization: Call to Power Diamond Era
Then one day we enter the Diamond Era. Cities are now strange spiral towers.
The best unit in game is the Leviathan. Have bombardment and active defense. It is though, but very expensive. Also can not use roads, making it usable only for defense.
Civilization: Call to Power space city
 Here is a space city.
Civilization: Call to Power sea colony
This is the output of a sea colony.
Civilization: Call to Power Wormhole
The Wormhole. To win the game with the alien we first need to discover the Wormholes technologies. Then build the wonder to detect Wormholes. Then to build a probe, launch it in space and discover the Wormhole and enter in it. In space units can cross the whole map in one turn. Not every probe can discover the alien though. When discovered we need to build the Xeno lab, and then there are 4 parts for the lab.
Here is how the xeno lab looks.
Civilization: Call to Power  The alien project
And here is the first stage of The alien project. In higher difficulties it is almost impossible to breed the alien first.
Civilization: Call to Power  Swarm army
Swarm army. The swarm unit is super cool, because it moves on every terrain. It is good to have 6-9 swarms in space, moving over a water city and landing near it, to capture the city in 2 turns.
Civilization: Call to Power Victory Screen
Victory is sweet and compelling! There are 3 types of victory. 
  • By completing the alien project, which can be turned off only from the config file for some versions. 
  • By conquering all cities on the map.
  • By having the highest score on year 3000.

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  1. i loved this game, cause my first perchased game. and battle is even cooler than CivVI. Sea colonies, storm trooper & cyber ninsa, lawyer,
    stealth submarine.... Next Civ series should learn the varities of unit & field of CTP

  2. Love this game. It is the only civ game which has content after modern era! These sci-fi are crealy inspired by cyberpunk stuff like blade runner or aliens! Also Call To Power 2 has the best tile upgrade system in all civ!