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Fieldrunners 2 - Screenshots Hints

Fieldrunners 2 Game Picture
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Fieldrunners 2 is may be the greatest tower defense game, by overall score. The game have nice and clean isometric 3D graphic, which means smooth gameplay on average computers. The variety of towers is great, more than 15 tower types can be unlocked with XP and Stars. There are 3 types of missions, explained later and the story line is quite amusing.
Recorded adventure archive 12.03.2016 - 14.03.2016.
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Game Data:
Genre: Modern
Year of Release: 2012
Platform: PC/Windows
Fieldrunners 2 Tower Upgrade Screenshot
 Upgrading towers. On the first mission we have the most basic tower. It is very important, because it is used as wall, shaping the wave passage on clean terrains.It may be upgraded 3 times.

A little after that, Glue tower become available, it slows down single enemy.
Fieldrunners 2 Mission 1 - 3 stars
This is the tower arrangement for Mission 1 Heroic, giving 3 stars. Fieldrunners 2 Early Map Sreenshot
After the first mission the world map is revealed. Every new mission is indicated by a red flag. And every mission have 3 difficulties, which give one star, 2 stars and 3 stars. Stars are used to get additional towers like the Hive Tower, which need 4 stars. There are also 3 types of missions:
  1. To defend number of waves;
  2. To destroy number of enemies for limited time.
  3. Puzzle missions, which give only certain towers to make links.
 Tower Select Screen. Before every mission we choose what towers to play. They are unlocked with XP and stars from missions. The thing is, that there is no ultimate tower set, some are good for one missions, other for another. But there are 4 things to consider.
  • First is the wall tower, it is always important. it should be cheep.
  • Then the slowing tower. Some have mass effect, others on single target.
  • A high damage to single target is important, but optional.
  • A curve towers is most important. there are varies of such towers, they do high damage on all targets in a range around them, like the Flamethrower. 
  This is the tower placement for Mission 2 Heroic, giving 3 stars.
This is the tower placement for Mission 3 Tough, giving 2 stars. 
The tower placement for Mission 4 Tough, giving 2 stars. We need a long corridor, utilizing the laser towers. Also good amount of turrets in the middle against the air attacks.
This is the tower placement for Mission 5 Tough, giving 2 stars. Oil towers a greet for this mission.
Mission 6 is the longest so far. At least 3 plasma towers in good locations needed to win 2 stars on tough difficulty. 
This is the tower placement for Mission 7 Regular Tough, giving 2 stars. Good mission for flamethrowers.
Tower placement for Mission 7 Time Tough, giving 2 stars.
Mission 8 is a total chaos. Place as many towers anywhere. Hive towers seems to work well.
Here is the tower placement for Mission 9 Tough, giving 2 stars. Here we must utilize the bridges to win.
This is the tower placement for Mission 10 Regular Tough, giving 2 stars.
A screenshot from the puzzle missions.
Mission Victory screen.
Advanced map screenshot.

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