Wednesday 30 March 2022

People's General Leader Abilities

People's General Leader Abilities

Here are the abilities of the heroes in People's General game by importance:

Devastating Fire - Available to all. May shoot twice per turn.

Liberator - Not for helicopters) x2 prestige for capturing towns.

Motivator - Available to all. Adds unit's experience level to all adjacent units. If unit is a ground unit, it supports ground units only. If unit is air unit, it supports air units only.

Aggressive Maneuver - Available to all. +1 movement (cumulative with tank class leader bonus)

Overwatch - Tanks only. Shoots at enemy units entering its Zone of Control.

Aggressive Attack - Available to all. Gives +2 to attack and defense when initiating attack.

Determined Defense - Available to all. Get +2 to attack and defense when defending.

Street Fighter - Not for helicopters, ADA, or Artillery. Ignores entrenchment and terrain bonus of target in town or port. Automatically follows up in city or port hex if enemy retreats out.

Ambusher -  Only infantry. If unit attacks in a close assault, then enemy gets no artillery support fire.

Marksman - Helicopters only. Gives +4 to attack value when attacking.

Overwhelming Attack - Not available to helicopters or ADA. Unit has slightly better chance of causing kills.

Quartermaster - Available to all units. Always may take replacements up to base strength.

Blitzer - Not for tanks, ADA, or Arty. Grants the tank class overrun-ability.

Bridging - Not for helicopters. Treat river and streams as rough terrain for movement.

Rangers - Only available to infantry. Forest, Rough, Hill, Mountain,and Jungle are treated as clear terrain for movement.

Resilience - Available to all. Unit takes slightly less kills.

Defender - Helicopters only. If unit is adjacent to both attacker and defender, then unit can provide support fire (like artillery).

Sharpshooter - Not for helicopters, ADA, Artillery, or anti tank units. Shots are not halved at long range.

Shock Tactics - Available to all. Does long term suppression. Suppression lasts all turn.

Shoot and Scoot - Only for artillery. Enemy does not get counterbattery fire at this unit.

Sixth Sense - Not available to ADA or Arty. Unit can't be ambushed.

Skilled Recon - Available to all units. +1 spotting (cumulative with the recon class leader bonus).

Skirmisher - Not for artillery or ADA units. Before attack, the number of the opponents shots is reduced by two, but never put below 1.

Smart Gambler -  Available to all units. Combat losses for attacker will never be more than displayed and casualties listed will at least be what was displayed prior to combat (except for hidden supporting units like artillery).

Ferocious Defender - For infantry, anti-tank, and ADA. Always gets entrenchment bonus no matter what specials and leaders the enemy has.

Fire Discipline - Available to all. Use 1/2 shot each time in combat.

First Strike - Not available to ADA or Arty. Attacks before enemy unless enemy has same leader. Support fire, etc. still fire first.

The Rock - Not available to helicopters, ADA, or Arty. Unit will not retreat.

Infiltrator - Not for ADA, light infantry, or Arty. Ignores ZOCs.

Influence - Not available in scenario play. Available to all. Units can overstrength for free.

Tunnel Rats - Only for infantry units. Ignores entrenchments and entrenches at a faster rate than normal.