Wednesday 15 March 2023

The X-Com Files - 2022 Mega Mod for UFO: Enemy Unknown

The X-Com Files 2022 -Mega Mod for UFO: Enemy Unknown
TBS genre iconTBT genre iconFuturistic style iconyear 2022
No matter how much time passes, a truly best game will never get old. The 2022 mega mod X-Files for Open X-Com is a perfect example. Watch the X-Files Chronicles mini episodes to grasp the hundreds of different missions, stories and UFO references in this eternal piece of art.

Game Data:
Name: Open Xcom.
Type: Turn Based Tactic (TBT), Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Futuristic (Earth)
Year of Release: 2010 - 2022+

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Tuesday 14 March 2023

Dominions 5 Screenshot

Dominions 5  Screenshot
TBS genre iconFantasy style iconMedieval style iconyear 2017
And here is Dominions 5. The magical world full of wonders and treasures in the beginning of the Ascension Wars. It offers the same experience as its ancestors but for modern screen resolutions and machines. It is a turn based strategy game, but quite sophisticated, that take a lot of positional thinking in the middle and late stages. Multiplayer games some times are played 1 day per turn for each player. Plenty of magic schools, summoned creatures, regional and terrain units makes it very deep to explore. The units and commanders in combats can not be controlled, but only given orders - then like in our world they some times make stupid things :)

Genre: Fantasy, Medieval, Magic
Year of Release: 2017
Platform: PC/Windows 7/8/10/

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