Monday 24 August 2015

Jagged Alliance 2 Gold - Battle for Cambria Screenshot

Jagged Alliance 2: Gold -  Battle for Cambria Description
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There we are reaching Cambria city in Jagged Alliance 2 Gold computer game. The gold version is one of the latest compilation of the original game available on steam. It have many enhancements for equipment, weapons, armors, gadgets and AI. Also it allow creating 6 main characters, compensated by very strong rival teams appearance. We fight in the futuristic country of Arulco to defeat the evil Deirdrana that is torturing the country people.

Cambria is the third city we have to visit, after Omerta and Drassen. Some people are trying to go to Alma after Drassen, but this will achieve nothing beside some difficult missions. Cambria have a hospital, it is a central city allowing operations of all directions. It is easier to defend Drassen from the squads approaching from the northern road. And most importantly, there are some NPC's around, that need to be taken and included in the upcoming battles. For example, in the prison of Tixa, that is situated 3 squares under Cambria, we find two locals(Dynamo and Shank), that will join us for some bucks per day. They are week, but worth to put defending with militia to increase skills. Or transporting equipment or just be creative.

Cambria city may not be taken at once. We may need to entrench in one of the five city locations and try to train militia when the loyalty of the people reach green level. the loyalty will increase when we fight the enemies around the city. Beside, the military presence in Cambria is not static. New teams will come to replace their fallen comrades, so we must not hesitate a lot too.

This screenshot have also caught one cool weapon. This is the FN P90 minigun. Which means it is one handled weapon. It have 27 damage and 32 range, which is amazing for small size guns. It weight only 3.9 kg, leaving space for a lot of other junks in the backpack. And it require only 2 AP to shoot(with the rod and spring attachment). An ambidextrous character with two of those weapons can handle a coming behind the corner elite alone.

Game Data:
Name: Jagged Alliance 2
Type: Turn Based Tactic (TBS), Role Playing Game (RPG)
Genre: Modern. (Arulco)
Year of Release: 2000+
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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