Thursday, 20 December 2018

Free Colonization | Growing Colonies

Free Colonization | Growing Colonies
My colonies are now at number of 7 and 8. This is almost near optimal number of colonists for a small amount of liberty bells. the next screenshot shows a good arrangement of inhabitants.
Free Colonization | Growing Colony
First, every colony must have food space, two farmers or fishermen are mandatory. Must have one forest to chop down trees and construct buildings. Later the forest may be utilized by furtrappers. Then we need ore. A hill or a desert, or a swamp should do the job and they may be used for another production. Then we need at least one specialist of four main goods, Cigars, Clothes, Coats and Rum, as well as an expert planter in these fields. Finally but not least important the liberty bells, one man should always make some liberty bells so the colony is better in production and planting.

All screenshots for Free Colonization.

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