Friday 29 January 2016

The Punisher 1993 - The Best Games Ever

The Punisher 1993 Screenshots
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What is a gaming blog withouut a game for The Punisher. Yet Capcom development from 1993 stand better in graphical art, than the 2005 titles and later releases.  This is may the first time, where Marvel's hero from S.H.I.E.L.D take part in a video game. The second character, for two players, is Nick Fury, the current head of the organisation.  The game is pure hack and slash first made for arcade, and then for many more consoles. It is not very long, with 6 stages, 6 bosses and story cutscenes between them.
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Game Data:
Name: The Punisher
Type: Action Games (AG), Arcade Games (AR), Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Modern
Year of Release: 1993
Platform: PC/Windows/PS2/Xbox

All stages gameplay movie of the game, played by Ogo Bob.
The Punisher - Stage 1 Streets Screenshot
 Stage 1 begins in the suburb. The punisher have to deal with some karatemen and gangsters.
The Punisher - Fire Thrower
From time to time gangsters will drop their weapons, one of which is the Flame Thrower. It have 4-5 shots and should be carefuly used.
The Punisher - Saved Lady Screenshot
Here we saved a locked girl.
The Punisher - Stage 1 Boss Screenshot
 The first boss is Scully, a fat stron gangster, who rush and grab.
The Punisher - Stage 2 Garden Screenshot
Stage 2 leads to the castle garden. Beside ordinary gangsters there are these hot chicks Midori.
The Punisher - Stage 2 Castle Screenshot
We are in the castle. Bullets from projectile weapons flying everywhere.
The Punisher - Stage 2 Boss Screenshot
 Stage 2 Boss is a strong Guardroid. He will hardly fall from punches, jum around and have these nasty lasers.
The Punisher - Stage 3 City Screenshot
In stage 3 we take way to a smuggler storehouse. Gangsters will come with their shiny cars, which we may destroy.
The Punisher - Stage 3 Hot  Chicks Screenshot
More hot chicks and cyborgs will face the Punisher, but we have this freaky pipe to smash.
The Punisher - Stage 3 Boss Screenshot
Stage 3 Boss is the Bone Breaker. He rushes through the field, have a flame thrower and launch rockets. Firs we give him to eat a tyre.
The Punisher - Stage 4 Train Screenshot
 Stage 4 take place on a train. A lot more kicking and punching.
The Punisher - Stage 4 Boss Screenshot
 Bushwacker is the boss of stage 4. He is not as strong as the robots, but he comes with good support. If we keep distance and avoid his rockets all is well.
The Punisher - Stage 5 Sewer Screenshot
 When the mafia finds the Punisher hideout in stage 5, he is on the road to the final attack. Just need to get out of the sewers first.
The Punisher - Stage 5 Woods Screenshot
 A little more gangsters and karatemen in the woods.
The Punisher - Stage 5 Boss Screenshot
In a hidden hut we find Stage 5 Boss, which is another Guardroid. After a lot of swetting and bombing, he is gone.
The Punisher - Stage 6 Hotel Screenshot
Finally the Punisher enter in the mafia boss hotel in stage 6. A lot of resistance there, shooters and hot chicks
The Punisher - Stage 6 Kingpin Boss Screenshot
 And here is the Kingpin, the mafia leader and Stage 6 Boss. He is so big, that can blow our hero with his cigar, have lasers and jumps so hard that we fall when he lands.
The Punisher - Victory Screenshot
But the final blow is sweet and rewardable. Victory is ours again!

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