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Three Wonders - The Best Games Ever

Three Wonders Game Screenshots
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Three Wonders ia a lovely fantasy Capcom game from the 90's. Our hero(es) take the two way road to save the kingdom and unstone the inhabitants. He can fire an arrow or find another weapons explained below. He can jump, crouch, climb and roll while he is crawling and jump button is hit. Now the game is available in many consoles, but the magic when it was found only in arcade console, during 90s is, is unrepeatable
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Game Data:
Name: Three Wonders   
Type: Action Games (AG), Arcade Games (AR), Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Fantasy
Year of Release: 1991
Platform: PC/Windows/PS2/Xbox
A gameplay movie for all 5 stages.Three Wonders Stage 1 Story Screenshot
 The story begins in the local tavern.
Three Wonders Banana Weapon Screenshot
Flying knives or "Bananas" as we called it in old times, is very cool weapon. Its second attack descend a little, allowing to hit bad dudes below us. Weapons comes from treasure chests.
Three Wonders Giant Frog Screenshot
The helper gives a second cool attack. Below a giant frog is stalking. It throw fire to a medium range.
Three Wonders Stage 1 Tree Boss Screenshot
 Here is the first boss Golem Wood in stage 1. He is an evil tree that move the ground. His fruits a bombs that move ahead, but can be eliminated. Also he throw a dangerous ball.
Three Wonders Stage 1 Underground Screenshot
 Stage 1 continue underground. Beware bad dudes from above. Up key and fire to hit vertically. There is also a helper we can take for limited time.
Three Wonders Stage 1 Main Boss Screenshot
 A little further we find the main boss of stage 1 Balgoss. A giant monster that do not have often ranged attacks, but only his head is vulnerable to damage.Three Wonders Stage 2 Screenshot
 Then we enter stage 2 forest. Traps and monsters stalk around. Enchanted arrow weapon is at hand. It makes ricochets.
Three Wonders Stage 2 Worm Screenshot
 Some nasty worms will come from the ground, trying to eat our hero. They have a vulnerable spot.
Three Wonders Boomerang Weapon Screenshot
 Boomerangs are the worst weapon. It can reach both sides, but it range is limited and I failed to learn to play with it.
Three Wonders Stage 2 Lake Screenshot
 In the lake of stage 2, we find some funny monsters. As fun as dangerous they are.
Three Wonders Stage 2 Clam Boss Screenshot
 First boss of stage 2 is a giant clam. Beside the rolling stones, the clam is not very strong. Jump and hit to beat it.
Three Wonders Stage 2 Main Boss Screenshot
 Stage 2 Laru main bosses are tough guys. Without a lot of practise, we may need 2-3 coins to win. They can run, slice, throw fire and jump around.
Three Wonders Stage 3 Story Screenshot
 A little story update and we continue our journey.
Three Wonders Green Card Screenshot
 Stage 3 is full with dangerous toys, traps and falling walls. When we collect a sufficient number of these green cards, we receive a bonus life.
Three Wonders Stage 3 Screenshot
 Ricochet arrows are very suitable for this stage, as there are a lot of slopes.
Three Wonders Clown Stairs Screenshot
 The clown stairs are extremely tricky.
Three Wonders Stage 3 Clown Boss Screenshot
 First bosses of stage 3 are two big clown. beside covering the empty space, they launch small fireballs.
Three Wonders Stage 3 Main Boss Screenshot
 The main boss of stage 3 is a strange creature with big sword. He is not hard to win, staying between him  and the sword, and avoiding ranged attacks.
Three Wonders Stage 4 Screenshot
 We enter stage 4 magic castle hall. The clown box are tough ones.
Three Wonders Stage 4 Boss Screenshot
 Stage 4 boss is a spiked sun form being, which is quite strong
Three Wonders Stage 5 Witch Screenshot
 We are in the final stage. The flying witch is very annoying.
Three Wonders Stage 5 minor boss Screenshot
 Before the final boss we face all previous bosses again.
Three Wonders Stage 5 minor boss Screenshot 1
 The boss from stage 1.
Three Wonders Final Boss Screenshot
The final boss is a planet like being, which emits lighting, launch fire and spit a straight line laser.
Three Wonders Victory Screenshot
 Victory at last! The kingdom is saved.
Three Wonders Chariot Style Screenshot
 The game also offers two more variants to play.
Three Wonders Chariot Style Boss 1 Screenshot
 The first boss from the Chariot variant of the game.

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