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The King of Dragons - The Best Games Ever

The King of Dragons Game Screenshot
Action genre iconAdventure genre iconFantasy style iconyear 1994 icon
Capcom King of Dragons is one of the 90's colossus arcade games. Its Japanese version is first released during 1991, but quickly find place in the western market to claim the minds of a whole generation of young gamers. Very similar to Knights of the Round hack and slash video game, it is exciting and fun to play it at least once.
Recorded adventure archive 21.01.2016.
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Game Data:
Name: The King of Dragons.  
Type: Action Games (AG), Arcade Games (AR), Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Fantasy, Medieval
Year of Release: 1991 
Platform: PC/Windows/PS2/Xbox
The King of Dragons - World Map Screenshot
  Here is the world map. We leave our village to seek glorious adventures.
The King of Dragons - Stage 1 Wizard Screenshot
Stage 1 take us in to the deep forest.  The Wizard hero have a magic staff with medium range of attack, and a magic ring for protection. As level 1 he is not very strong.
The King of Dragons - Stage 1 Boss Screenshot
Stage 1 boss is a fat orc with two maces, which can reach a long distance.
The King of Dragons - Stage 2 Boss Screenshot
 At the end of stage 2, we meet the minotaur boss. His axe can reach medium distance and he have a powerful rush attack.
The King of Dragons - Stage 3 Elf Screenshot
Stage 3 follow the road to the cave. The Elf hero have a bow with large ranged attack, but lack any defense.
The King of Dragons - Stage 3 Boss Screenshot
We meet the first dragon in stage 3. He is powerful boss, which can breath fire, blow the hero and make rush attacks. The elf can easily defeat the dragon with jump and shot.
The King of Dragons - Stage 4 Fighter Screenshot
In tsage 4 we enter a slime infested cave. The Fighter hero have a balanced attack and defense. His level round shield can block some attack and the level 3 sword still have too short range.
The King of Dragons - Stage 5 Ship Screenshot
We board a ship to stage 5. Some skeletons and merfolks will stand on the way.
The King of Dragons - Stage 6 Castle Screenshot
Advancing to stage 6, we entera a castle. The fighter now have level 4 shield, that looks better.
The King of Dragons - Stage 6 Boss Screenshot
Stage 6 boss is a huge cyclop, which throw stones and smasha with fists.
The King of Dragons - Stage 7 Cleric Screenshot
Stage 7 bring us to a hounted forest. The Cleric hero is strong, but slow. His steel shield can block attacks and arrows.
The King of Dragons - Stage 7 Boss Screenshot
Deep inside the forest we find the ancient tree, infested with spiders. The spiders are stage 7 bosses. They spit poison and some time descend from the tree to grab the hero.
The King of Dragons - Stage 8 Dwarf Screenshot
Stage 8 leads to the plains. The Dwarf hero is strong and fast. He have level 4 axe and level 5 mithril shield.
The King of Dragons - Stage 8 Boss Screenshot
Stage 8 boss is a dragon ridir knight. He is constantly pinning with his spear and rushes around. The dragon also spit fire.
The King of Dragons - Stage 9 Archers Screenshot
Stage 9 pass the city walls. The wizard now have level 5 staff that throw a large flame. He also have a new medalion for magic defense.
The King of Dragons - Stage 9 Boss Screenshot
The boss of stage 9 is a fast and strong human fighter, which can multiply himself.
The King of Dragons - Stage 10 Mummy Screenshot
Stage 10 descend to underground. Some mummies are traing to lay hands on the wizard.
The King of Dragons - Stage 10 Boss Screenshot
A little further we find the stage 10 bosses. They are wraiths that go in circlet and throw axes. The axes can be blocked.
The King of Dragons - Stage 11 Arrows Screenshot
We are on the wall of stage 11. With level 6 bow and arrows, the Elf hero have a long range and powerful shot.
The King of Dragons - Stage 11 Boss Screenshot
Stage 11 boss is a heavy armored lizard warrior. He is fast and make all kind of nasty attacks.
The King of Dragons - Stage 12 Dragon Rider Screenshot
Stage 12 take place in the city, infested with skeletons and dragon riders. The Cleric now have alevel 6 spiked mace and a large mithril shield.
The King of Dragons - Stage 12 Boss Screenshot
Two fast human fighters with sharp katanas are the bosses of stage 12.
The King of Dragons - Stage 13 Mage Screenshot
Stage 13 begin with a wizard that teleport itself and avoid attacks. He needs just 3-4 hits with the dwarf's shine golden axe level 6.
The King of Dragons - Stage 13 Boss Screenshot
In the wizard tower we find the level 13 boss. He have 3 area magic attacks.
The King of Dragons - Stage 14 Merfolk Screenshot
Stage 14 pass the river. The cleric is testing his level 7 mace on some merfolks.
The King of Dragons - Stage 14 Boss Screenshot
Another dragon boss is awaiting at the end of stage 14. This one freezes us.
The King of Dragons - Stage 15 Slimes Screenshot
Stage 15 is the dungeons to the dragon's lair. All types of creatures and slimes are stalking the cleric, which now have level 8 huge mace and tower shield.
The King of Dragons - Stage 15 Boss Screenshot
Two more cyclop bosses are blocking the way of the dungeons.
The King of Dragons - Stage 16 Dragon Lair
Finally we reach the last boss of stage 16. It is a huge red dragon guarding immense treasure. He breath fire and grabs the hero with his claws.
The King of Dragons - Victory Screenshot
Victory at long last. It was a honor for me to save this world once more :)
Bonus short gameplay movie.

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