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Warriors of Fate 1992

Warriors of Fate Screenshot
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Another cult hack and slahs game from Capcom is Warriors of Fate. It take place in ancient China, where the fighting clans need to be united. We choose one of 5 heroes. Portor is strong and fast fighter. Kassar is the strongest fighter but a little slow. Subutai is a light warrir with two short swords. He is fast and have good jump hit. Kadan can fire arrows but is quite week. And Abaka is a medium warrior with long sword an good rush attack.
Recorded adventure archive 08.02.2016.
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Game Data:
Name: Warriors of Fate   
Type: Action Games (AG), Arcade Games (AR), Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Ancient
Year of Release: 1992
Platform: PC/Windows/PS2/Xbox

A gameplay movie to round 4.
Warriors of Fate Stage 1 Screenshot
 Round 1 begins in the  woods. We have a horse.
Warriors of Fate Stage 1 Boss Screenshot
Round 1 boss is Gaidu. He have this long spair.
Warriors of Fate Stage 2 Screenshot
In round 2 the woods gets a little darker. Here Subutai got a long sword and slicing rivals form distance.
Warriors of Fate Stage 2  Boss Screenshot
 Round 2 Boss is Lhaze, but we got the double axe, the most powerful pickable weapon in game.
Warriors of Fate Stage 3 Screenshot
Subutai kicking peasants in round 3.
Warriors of Fate Stage 3 Boss Screenshot
 Round 3 Boss Taranis have this big hammer. And when things get hard, we take Abaka to play.
Warriors of Fate Stage 3 Girls Screenshot
After taking care of Taranis, the rival master sends his 3 roial assasins Izia, Arika and San-Jin against us. They are three lovely, but dangerous girls.
Warriors of Fate Stage 4 Screenshot
 Some roof fighting in round 4.
Warriors of Fate Stage 4 Boss Screenshot
Then we meet round 4 Boss Atika, a strong lord that jumps around.
Warriors of Fate Stage 5 Screenshot
In round 5 we have some fans around, must not dissapoint them.
Warriors of Fate Stage 5 Boss Screenshot
 Round 5 boss Baidu have a long axe.
Warriors of Fate Stage 6 Screenshot
In round 6 we take the road back through the village and the fans. The fat fighters now are in more numbers.Warriors of Fate Rush Command Screenshot
To make a rush attack press down key and jump key.
Warriors of Fate Stage 6 Boss Screenshot
  On a trapped bridge, we meet round 6 Bosses Jerrek and Dasadas.
Warriors of Fate Stage 7 Screenshot
 In round 7 we found a pickable hammer to smash some enemies.
Warriors of Fate Stage 7 Boss Screenshot
 Round 7 Boss Kublai-Dakan is a samurai with a shield and a mace.
Warriors of Fate Stage 8 Screenshot
 In round 8 we got a pickable trident. Not the strongest weapon, but yet good one.
Warriors of Fate Stage 8 Boss Screenshot
  Round 8 Boss Kai' Bataar comes on a horse with a big halberd.
Warriors of Fate Stage 8 Girls Screenshot
Some more girls in Round 8.
Warriors of Fate Stage 9 Screenshot
 Round 9 is crowded with enemies.
Warriors of Fate Final Boss Screenshot
 Then finally we meet Round 9 Boss Temujin-Khan. He have some girls helpers too. When beeten his powers worns off and he becomes a simple man.
Warriors of Fate Victory Screenshot
Victory and a kiss. It may be childish, but I still like games, where we win the princess in the end.

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