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Civilization 4 Dune Wars - Mentats Screenshot

Civilization 4 Dune Wars - Mentats Description
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There are some special units in Civilization 4: Dune Wars computer game mod, called Mentats. They are non combat unit, that stay in a city and give it amazing bonuses. We can have up to three of them and first we need to discover the Mentat Discipline technology. There are 6 types of mentats:
  • Military mentats stationed in a city will with give +3 XP to the units produced there and +5 with Sapho Juice resource. Very useful for the best military production city in the empire
  • Civics mentats bring  +2 health and +2 happiness in the city, but that bonus is actually much more. Very useful for the biggest city in the empire
  • Culture mentats generate a lot of Culture. Useful for frontier cities.
  • Financial mentats increase gold production
  • Industrial mentats increase buildings production and may act like great engineers to hurry production. Very useful for the best city to construct wonders. 
  • Espionage mentats increase espionage production and spy defense of the city.
Mod Data:
Name: Civilization 4: Dune Wars
Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Futuristic (Dune)
Year of Release: 2009
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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