Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hammer of the Gods - Neutral Counteratack Screenshot

Hammer of the Gods - Neutral Counteratack Description
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The most dangerous situation for our armies is when they are attacked by forces from the neutral castles on the map. We should avoid to end the turn when around a full castle, but if we fail, here is tha army that may attack us. It is consist of one blue knight, which have 6 life, two red knights that have 5 life and 2 blue knight with 4 life. The archers are regular but being defended by the knights, they may do a lot of nasty things, beside, we can not reach them with the elf ranged attack, while there is a knight in front of them. So this battle is hard and we can loose some of the heroes, and heroes are very valuable, do not loose them.

Game data:
Name: Hammer of the Gods
TypeTurn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Fantasy (Alfhiem)
Platform: PC/DOS/Windows with DOS-Box
Year of release: 1994 - More info

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