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Civilization 2 - Best Terrain Bonuses Screenshot

Civilization 2 - Best Terrain Bonuses Description
Civilization 2 Gold PC Game - More explanation screenshots
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In Civilization 2 PC game, and all its modifications(which I'll review some day) we can upgrade our workers to Engineers, after the discovery of Explosives science. Being able to change terrain with them we can modify the bonus resources that will appear too. Only jungles and mountains can not be changed back, so finding gold, I wouldn't replace it.

1. Silk Bonus:
- Silk appear on forests. Chopping down the forest it will become Wheat, but the silk gold bonus is much more worth it.
- With no government bonuses roads it gives 1 Food, 2 Production and 3 Trade

2. Gold Bonus:
- Gold appear on mountains. Mountains can be transformed to hills and the bonus will become Wine. The mountains can not be turned back.
- With no government bonuses roads, or mines it gives 0 Food, 1 Production and 6 Trade.

3. Wine Bonus:
- Wine appear on hills terrain and it is a competitive alternative of the Silk. Attention, changing the hills will transform the square in grassland, and the bonus will not be visible, the grassland then need to be transformed to forest or plains and the bonus will appear.

4. Buffalo Bonus:
-  Buffaloes appear on plains terrain. Changing them to forest will result in Pheasants, which do not give a single trade. They just gives additional +2 production.

5. Coal Bonus:
- Coal appear on hills. It is the alternative of Buffalo bonus, for big production cities. It will not give as much food and trade, but with a mine and good government it may bring up to +7 production.

JUNGLE and SWAMP BONUSES - Attention, these terrains can not be planted back.
6. Spice Bonus:
- Spice appear only on Swamp. Removing the swamp will destroy the bonus. It bring 3 Food and 4 Trade.
7. Gems Bonus:
- Gems appear on jungle. They bring 1 Food and 4 Trade.
8. Bananas Bonus:
Bananas appear on jungle. They bring 4 Food and 1 Trade.

SEA BONUSES - seas can not be changed.
9. Whales Bonus: Whales are perfect. If the city have them in its radius, it will develop quite well.
10. Fish Bonus: Fish bring a lot of food.

11. Pollution: This is the result of industrial activity of big and dirty cities. They will damage the square and reduce it income. They need to be cleaned fast with the Engineers.

Game Data:
Name: Civilization 2 Gold
Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern. (Earth)
Year of Release: 1996
Platform: PC/Windows  - More Info

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