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Warcraft 1 | Screenshots Walkthrough

Warcraft 1 Game Screenshot
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Warcraft: Orcs & Humans is the first computer game created about Warcraft universe, which in our days is known to almost half of the world's population. It apply the modern for those times real time strategy type, and the possibility to play a multiplayer games, makes it very popular in the computer halls. Today, this game may be played for education. We can see how the game play and comfort have evolved in time, like selecting many units at the same time, numbering and squad marks. The Warcraft: Orcs & Humans genre is also applied in the 2016 Warcraft movie. I thought it would be introduction of World of Warcraft universe, but it is about the original story, from Warcraft 1. When the small squared blue sword soldiers found the green brutes in their lands. There are some key moments from the human campaign in the game in a short screen walkthrough.

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Game Data:
Name: Warcraft
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS)
Genre: Fantasy (Azeroth) 
Year of Release: 1994 - more info
Platform: PC/DOS/Windows with DOS-Box

Warcraft 1 Story Screenshot
The story begins, when the king sends you to investigate the mysterious attacks by those green ugly creatures.
Warcraft 1 Town Hall Screenshot
Here is the town hall, it create peasants, roads and later walls. Every mission begins with some units to look around for resources. There are only two resources - gold and wood.
Warcraft 1 Gold Mine Screenshot
Somewhere around the town hall, there is a gold mine. All peasants "H' key over the mine to harvest gold.
Warcraft 1 Woodcutting Screenshot
2-3 Peasants should chop some trees around. Wood is mostly used for buildings, archers and later catapults.
Warcraft 1 Exploring Screenshot
Exploring is not easy. With only one unit possible to select, and without auto explore option, every corner of the map need to be checked for gold mines and enemies. The archers have the greatest sight radius, they are best explorers.
Warcraft 1 Archers Screenshot
In Mission 2 the Archers becomes available.
Warcraft 1 Small Defense Screenshot
Mission 2 Small defense. Archers makes the greatest defense. With a lot of archers, every entrance can be hold. Until a catapult comes around.
Warcraft 1 Bridges Screenshot
Mission  2 Bridges. The maps in Warcraft often have bridges. No doubt good strategic positions.
Warcraft 1 Clerics Screenshot
Mission 3 - Clerics. When the clerics come in play, the things get easier for human. They can heal friendly units, even catapults.
Warcraft 1 Human Attack Screenshot
Mission 3 - advance. 10 archers and 2 clerics raging in the Orc's base.
Warcraft 1 Dungeon Screenshot
Mission 4 - Dungeon. Some missions are in the dungeons. No buildings and resources there, every unit is precious, especially the archers.
Warcraft 1 Lothar Screenshot
Mission 4 - Lothar. Here is Lothar, found in the dungeon of mission 4.
Warcraft 1 Knight Screenshot
Mission 5 - the Knight. The knight is now available. He is strong and fast. Have two upgrades for faster speed.
Warcraft 1 Advancing Screenshot
Mission 5 advancing. Higher missions need more and more troops to succeed.
Warcraft 1 Catapult Screenshot
Mission 6 - Catapult. After mission 6, the archers defense is no more good. Now a catapult tactic need to be applied, because they just destrou immobile groups of units with just one shot.
Warcraft 1 Barracks Screenshot
Mission 6 barracks. The closer to the center are the barracks, the faster new units join the battle.
Warcraft 1 Conjurer Screenshot
Mission 7 - Conjurer. Here is the conjurer. He is an expensive wizard, who can summon week creatures or cast a fire rain - area effect magic.
Warcraft 1 Ranged Attacks Screenshot
Mission 7 Advancing. The catapults are clearing the way.
Warcraft 1 Fire Elemental Screenshot
Mission 8 dungeon Fire Elemental. In the next dungeon, a fire elemental lures. He is strong, but not invincible.
Warcraft 1 Demon Screenshot
Mission 8 Demon. Here is the demon summoned by the Orc's warlocks.
Warcraft 1 Entrenching Screenshot
Mission 9 Entrenching. This line should be impenetrable if the units are healed in time. One knight should be good in front of the catapults, but he will quickly fall, when Orc catapults come.
Warcraft 1 Fire Rain Screenshot
 Mission 9 Fire Rain. The magic cast by the Conjurer damages units and building.
Warcraft 1 Victory Screenshot
Victory! The screen is generated after every battle.

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