Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Contolling the Galaxy | Stellaris Screenshot

Stellaris Screenshot
The most important in Stellaris game is to expand fastre, to gain more territory. It may require first planets to be less habitable, but later the terraforming works on system in our borders. Being on the two edges of the ring galaxy may be achieved with planning a spare science ship and colony ship, after the 3-4 colony, to go as far as possible, while the other races have not closed their borders, or while there is a neutral space to move. It may cost a bit of energy credits but its worth it finding a spot near a fallen empire. There are now the remainig races. Red is a sleeper race, which at some point awoke and ivaded the top green player. The Unbidden made some room for some more colonies to the bottom, destroying the colonies of other races.

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