Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Barbarian Settlers | Civilization 5

Barbarian Settlers | Civilization 5
Last week I was playing civ 5. After many attempts, I found a way to win the game on "Immortal Difficulty", but I can do this only with the Polynesian civilization on the "Large Islands" map on "Marathon Speed" - without cheating or beneficial loading. I was doing great. My fleet was huge, at least 10 ships with 10 upgrades. Two capitals were already fallen. And I needed those "happiness" to let the cities grow. So I was waiting the Indonesian civilization to make their island cities. As we all know, their first 3 cities found on different islands(continents), gives one unique luxury resource. So I had a city near the main Indonesian continent and I was seeing settlers to travel to the west and was waiting for new cities to be found. But none appeared. So I send a spare Privateer after one of the settlers and what I did just found. He was sending them to a location with barbarians :)

All screenshots for Civilization 5: Brave New World. 

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