Friday 8 November 2019

Blood Oak Bow Location Screenshot - Fantasy General 2: Invasion

Blood Oak Bow Screenshot - Fantasy General 2: Invasion
Needless to say this is the best item in the game... well, one of the best. The Blood Oak Bow works on mages too, so they can fire 3 hex away and get rid of those nasty machines of the empire. It is found in Kanthas mission in one of those strange blood oaks and they are 3 of them, one is found at the end of the scenario. But there is a catch. If you take the bows all trolls and some heroes will get a negative trait  -1 to morale.
Blood Oak Bow Location Screenshot - Fantasy General 2: Invasion
So this is the map location of the Kanthas mission. When inside, take a small squad and continue to the east while the main army fights the centaurs and the empire forces to the south. When you pass the river, there is an ambush in the woods and just beside it is the oak, as unexplored location. There you will find a transmuter doing some bad rituals. If you let him live, he will give you 2 bows and tell you about the 3rd one. If you decide to fight it, you still get the bows, but they are not enchanted and are +0.

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