Friday 29 May 2020

Ascendancy - The Best Space Strategy Game for 1995

Ascendancy - Ship Design
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Ah Ascendancy, one of few games that I play periodically for the last 25 years. This game have everything a space strategy game should, mysterious galaxy map with 2 types of star lanes. Interesting and fun races with their unique special abilities (I play the one that can turn any planet in rich planet every 150 turns). Many types of exciting planets, poor and rich with 3 main resources food, industry and science. Great ship design with tons of equipment parts that make awesome stuff, something that modern games lack. Also modern space strategy games lack the smooth pace trough all the game. the planet development is like an enigmatic trance, making and making buildings and more buildings! The sole set back of this game, which is actually very good for memory practice is the lack of minimap that shows the locations of the planets. I also made some gameplay videos playing this game and practicing my memory thinking with memorizing and guessing the locations of the planets :)

Game Data:
Name: Ascendancy. (1996)
Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Space (Galaxy)
Year of Release: 1995
Platform: Any OS with DOS-Box

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Recorded adventure archive 11.05.2020 - 21.05.2020 game weeks.

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More descriptive screenshots for Ascendancy.

Ascendancy - Rich Planet Screenshot
Ascendancy - Rich Planet Screenshot. Rich planets are tasty. A lot of squares to place building with enchanted resource generation.

Ascendancy - Star System Screenshot
  Ascendancy - Star System Screenshot. Star systems hold blue or red balls with star lanes. Setting the altitude level when moving ships in star systems is with the second mouse click.

Ascendancy - Galaxy Map Screenshot
 Ascendancy - Galaxy Map Screenshot. The galaxy may be rotated in all four directions. It consist of many cornered places, which is good for tactics.

Ascendancy - Developing Planet Screenshot
 Ascendancy - Developing Planet Screenshot. Developing new planets is always hard because there is no purchasing building and ships in Ascendancy.

Ascendancy - Terraforming Screenshot
 Ascendancy - Terraforming Screenshot. Black squares may be terraformed in white ones that do not give any bonus to production.

Ascendancy - Automation Screenshot
Ascendancy - Automation Screenshot. The automation science allow the buildings to be automated, thus no more population is required to operate them. You can automate whole planet with just one man.

You may download this game for a price,
The price is to bend before its creators The Logic Factory
(It requires DOS-Box to run)

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