Monday, 11 December 2017

What I Need to Know Abaout Pandora: First Contact

There was another epic game week with Pandora game. Here are some notes for my next adventure. 

1. I can make cities only 2 hex away, as buildings give flat bonuses, more cities > more resources, regardless the terrain. The growth remains a problem thaugh. The induistry resource is the greatest one.

2. I can tame aliens with a special unit component, so no panic. Ruins must be exlored fast. Water ones too, it is first or second science.

 3. Deserts and tundras are terraformable with an era II science.

4. Road and forests for city connection.

5. Fungus give the best resources with era I and era II discovery. I need spots to grow fungus.

6. Playing conquest victory is insane. There are going to be so many units in the game, that even 20 black holes han not take them down for a turn!
Adventure archive December 1-12 2017

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