Thursday 21 December 2017

What I Need to Know About Master of Magic

MoM engineers screenshot

(This list I made for myself, so next time I'm better prepared)

1. Get Myrron and Omniscience traits.
2. Get at least 1 Chaos Book to cast Rise Volcano and at leat 1 sorcery for Flight and Counter Magic.
3. Gaia's Blessing and Strean of Life are mandatory for cities.
4. Get regeneration and flight spells ASP (or with cheating).
5. Get Planar Travel and watch for opponents with Life magic, they may have Astral Gates to go to Myrron.
6. Get the Dragon race and create the Air Ships ASP best in city with Adamantine and built Alchemical Guild(after library) to use adamantine. They carry armies everywhere.
7. Get a Dwarven city to make engineers to make roads and Cannons to clear and defend towers.
8. The best items are with Flying ability and regeneration. Flying protects form Crack Call spell and regeneration is mandatory. To avoid dispelling they are best on items. Regeneration may be crafted on armors and miscs, byt flying can not!
9. Heroes come with spells or ruins. The best 6 heroes are placed in this post.
10. And finnaly, clean Myrron ASP from opponents and then expand peacefully and happily, exploring ruins when at leas 3 heroes are ready.

More Master of Magic Screenshots.

Adventure Archive December 14 2017 - December 22 2017 version 5.05 modded by Seravy.

Money Income.
MoM Money Income
Armsmaster give 2 experience per turn.
 Planar Travel.
 Spirits can meld with nodes to give more mana.
 Call heroes spells always appear.

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