Friday 2 November 2018

Ending the Dremers | Warlock - Master of the Arcane

Ending the Dremars | Warlock - Master of the Arcane screenshot
After a long and furious war on the both planes, my heroes are finally surrounding Dremargor, the leader of the Dremers. The next shot of the Osh Eatal, the goblin healer, will finish him and win the game. But how did I make it this far on normal difficulty? The secret is to customize your great mage to get the Elf resource from the beginning and make as many elves as possible. As they are expensive to support you need a lot of gold from looting and cities. Next is to find fast a Holy Ground to build temple of Helia, either for Archers of Helia, which have range 3 ranged attack, but they can not have any unit spells as they are immune to arcane magic. Or get the goblin Druids which are very good even in defense. A must unit spells are Haste, Regeneration, Wind Walking and Vampiric blade. Third important think is to make a goblin city on Pumpkin resource as soon as possible, which will give the very important regeneration perk: Hill O'Win, allowing your units to stay and fight on infected lands. An unded city on pumpkin gives the Ghost Armor perk, which is less important. The Silver resource is the other resource which give different perks for all 3 main races, humans, undead and goblins. Keep your units safe and when a second good hero join you, things will get easier.

Here is my major army set:
- 4 Elven Sharpshooters;
- 6 Archers of Helia;
- 2 Druids (goblins);
- 2 Trolls (goblins);
- 2 Sisters of Crypta;
- 2 Fighters (any elite fighter, dwarves are cool);
- 2 Spirits of Light (elves);
- 1 Healer;
- 1 Wizard;
- 4 Heroes: The Ogre hero, a healer, an archer and any fourth.

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