Tuesday 29 January 2019

Hammer of the Gods - Playing with Dwarves

Hammer of the Gods - Playing with Dwarves
Here are some notes, what I need to know next time I play Hammer of the Gods DOS game with dwarves. Dwarves play with red and they have the strongest heroes.

Dwarf special unit.
Dwarf special unit
The dwarf special unit is the basic dwarf. It is very clumsy unit and even footmen are more valuable than them, as they can not be joined in cities to increase its size.  Dwarves are also the slowest unit with only 10 movement points. Advantage is they can pass mountains for 3 points and hills for 2.

Dwarf City
Dwarf City
Dwarf rely on gold. A full mountain surrounded city on size 125 gives 107 gold!

Dwarf Strongest Army
Dwarf Strongest Army
Because dwarves do not have Elf quests the strongest army do not include elves.  They are:
- 2 simple archers.
- 1 fire wizard, which is may be the strongest wizard.
- 2 dwarf heroes with regeneration items. The dwarf quest do not give any regeneration, but the other two races - elves and trolls do have, and when their heroes are slain near neutral castles, the item is there to be picked up.
- 2 fire giants, which are the strongest unit dwarves receive from quests. They are 3 overall.
- Double movement item (taken from humans).
- Flying ship (taken from elves).
* With this army the dwarves are unstoppable!

Dwarf Quests and Terrain
Dwarf Quests and Terrain
Dwarf quests gives mostly heroes and special units.
- Terrain quest are +1 gold on mountain and +1 food on hills and mountain. A human terrain quest gives +1 food on rivers.
- Two troll heroes
- +4 Weapon
- 2 viking heroes.
- The ending quest is to generate 15 k gold
- The final quest is to have 3/4 of all gold, which is quite long.

Trade Treaty
Trade Treaty
A trade treaty at turn 80 may bring 2300 gold per turn!
 Sword of Speed
Sword of Speed
The sword of speed is actually a human item. Placed in the hands of a hero with a defense and attack item, especially a troll hero, it rocks.

Here is a combat gameplay movie  with the strongest dwarf army.
(the quality of the movie is not good, because the capture program is having issues with DOS-Box)
(Also, one day I'll buy a good computer with decent audio card and microphone to save sound.)

They were amazing days! Recorded Adventure Archive 27.01.2019 - 29.01.2019.

All screenshots for Hammer of the Gods.

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