Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Ground Combats | Stellaris: MegaCorp

Ground Combats | Stellaris: MegaCorp screenshot
Ground combats in Stellaris: MegaCorp are simple - make more ground troops from the Armies tab on any planet, merge them in one big army, place a leader and unload them with the right button on enemy planets. The number of active fighters is defined by the planet size, the rest are in the reserve. But to take the planet for your self you need to claim the system and win the whole war with that rival. This exact screenshot is taken when the population on the conquered planet rebelled. Fortunately there were 2 more planets in this system crateing ground troops and sending them to defend one by one. After the victory my general leader made its full cap of levels.

All screenshots for Stellaris: MegaCorp.

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