Tuesday 23 June 2020

The Sims 4 Summer Campaign 2020

The Sims 4 Summer Campaign 2020
The gameplay video series of the Sims 4 Summer Campaign 2020.

In this video I'm creating a male charactar with apearance as close as mine. First is setting the voice and full appearance. Then a little modifications on the body and the face. Placing some accesoaries like glasses and hat and clothes. Then is time to pick the aspirations and the traits. 

In this video I'm creating a simple house that is similar to my apartment architecture. It should have  a bathroom, a living room, a bedroom and a corridor. I'll have to find a way to place all the necessary living equipment in that constrained place.

It is time to think about finances. To expand and decorate the house further I'll need some kind of income. Here are ways to make money in Sims 4:

One time income: 
- Create and sell paintings. (needs an estel)
- Sing or play songs in public places. (needs a musical instrument)
- Find a job and work. 
- Stream playing games and win e-sport tournaments. (needs computer)
- Later craft furniture and sell it. (needs craft bench)

Long term investments:
- Write books. (needs computer)
- Develop computer programs and games. (needs computer)
- Write songs (needs level 7 in a given instrument)
* To utilize long term investments you will need to explore mail box functions

10 minutes Sims 4 basketball workout with the club.

Having a garden with some fruit trees is a great source of food. Fruit seeds can be ordered from the computer/order option. Starter fruits offer limited types of seeds. You can findother fruits by exploring the neigbourhood and search for fruit trees and bushes.

My first career job should be as writer. Aside from daily income I can get some royalties, publishing books. First sinish writing a genre book on the computer. Then when the book is finished and presenr in the inventory click the mail box and then sel publishing. Choose the book and wait a few days for the royalties. Do this for as meny books as possible. Royalty from books is not eternal.

Though it is good to join clubs and find new friends, it is best have your own club. It have countless applications when you gather the club at home. One of them is that club members can clean the house, tend the garden and make paintings for you if you make this club activities. Also there are additional club vibes and inspirations.

I continue my sims 4 adventure. Among all other things I bought my first pool to get some reward points.

When I played Sims 4 for the first time, one night while I was sleeping, a vampire came and bite me. That cost me a lot of time of recovery after the bite's dazing effect. But this time I was prepared. All garlic object like garlic braids hanging somewhere in the bedroom helps. Also it is good to lock the door of the bedroom for everyone extept your sim.

Do not forget that the sims in Sims 4 are aging. By the first aging you have to collect enough reward points to purchase the Elexir of Life from the rewards store and rejuvenate your sim. The other sims though will continue to age and finally turn into ghosts. Except aliens and vampires.

While working in the author career I got the Best Selling Author Aspiration, that allow me to write a new type of book. Now it's time to change aspirations.

Sorry I forgot to turn on the microphone. Now it's like the old times :)

Among all important tasks I had to go on a nught club party and act  accordingly, even after the party :)

I was living happily ever now in my perfectly chaotic house. Suddenly someone invited me to go to Alien Night event. First I though there will be only costumes, but they... they were real aliens! :) I have even managed to become friend with some alien female specimens and now I have one in my club. I know for sure they are not absolutely safe, just to keep in mind.

I'm widening the corridor and the bedroom. I also split the bedroom, allowing access  to the library by guest sims. Now the bedroom is smaller but have all it needs, including the most comfortable bed and internal locked door. The second bedroom should have a TV soon.

It's painting day! The club is gathered and there is an easel for everyone to paint. The painting with the best price win the tournament. Interestin is that if you sell the paintings from the builder mode, you do not get the money. And yes, you can exploit the club member to draw for you :)

I can boost the performance of my sim's tasks at home, by adding lot traits of my home land. If the tast is of the appropriate emotion,  the lot trai will give me additional bonuses to that emotion.

OK, I'm finishing with the Author cereer.  I have reached level 8 with the promotion of Best selling Author. Now I'll create a room with the rewards from the author cereer promotions and move to another of my favorite careers to reach level 8 for all of them in this Sims 4 summer campaign.

Now I have time to go to those awsome events that are happening in Sims 4. Next in the list is the Fireworks Festival. Beside the game of pranks and jokers (that I still can not play well) there is a tast to light a firework. To do that, go to the store and buy a firework. Place it on the ground from the inventory and you will have the option to fire it when clicked. That is how to light a firework at the Fireworks Festival.

Painter Extraordinarie is the second aspiration in my list. After finishing 5 masterpiece paintings I have it. Now I can draw all emotional paintings, without the need to get in that mood. I just have some difficulties to locate the mathematical diagram. Never mind, my sim tend to be always focused, just like me myself! :)

Well, what can I say. I had a dinner appointment with my alien girlfriend. So she came to get me with the flying saucer :D

Since I play the summer Sims 4 campaign, I'm also excited to watch videos of other simmers. And I admire at all those beautuful and well decorated house of the girls (Sydney Macoretta, Lois Anne, EnglishSimmer, Nooblet Sims and others). While my house is a totall mess. Rooms and equipment everywhere. But behind that obvious chaos, there is a perfect and optimal order :)

The primary objectives of this summer Sims 4 campaign is to achive as much as possible inspirations and collect as much as possible career rewards. For every finished career I'll make a room with the career reward items.

The next achievement is the Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration. To reach it I have to collect a lot of simoleons (the Sims currency). Uppon completion I got the Shrewd trait, which give me a direct deposit each week based on the household funds.

Here I try to buy all types of items, which may increase one or more skills of my sim, or are used for social interactions or mood change. I hope to have all primary needs gadjets to begin and upgrade them at some point.

Now I'm done with the painter career and will create a room with the rewards I got from the career promotions to promotion 8.

After I'm done with painting my sim must become the best programmer in the world :) So I change career in Tech Guru one. Now I need a place with a lot of focusing decor around and a high class computer in a roomy environment. First I begin with playing games and be ready for the incoming promotions.

So I bought a fountain, placed it on the second floor and suddenly my sim decided to go and play inside it :) The fountain is good to toss coins and get +1 mood boost.


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