Wednesday 17 June 2020

Stellaris Megacorp Summer Campaign 2020

Stellaris Megacorp Summer Campaign 2020
The gameplay video series of the Stellaris Megacorp Summer Campaign 2020.

In this video I'm creating my won race, which will be a mechanical one. Playing with machines is quite different than playing with a normal race.

In this video I'm creating a new game stetting parameters like galaxy type, number of stars, minor races and many more tnings. But in some versions of Stellaris Megacorp there is a annoying glitch that freezes the loading bar somewhere on 40%. That is the new game stuck and do not start. To fix that, before starting new game, run console (press "~" button on the keyboard up left). In the console type "Threading.TaskThreadCount 4" withowt quites  (or copy paste it ctrl+c/ctrl+v). Then we are good to go.

I started a new game with a little modification on my mechanical race. When constructors and science ships have their tasks to do, it's time to check what is happening on the capital planet. Every population can be placed in different jobs. It is good to remove the calculator and coordinator jobs in the beginning and place them on mineral and energy production, just for a few months to collect resources for new space constructions.

Colonization in Stellaris Megacorp is a long and expensive process. First, you need a colony ship, created by a starbase(ship constructions are done by starbases and not planets). Then send the ship to clonize a habitable planet(green). It will take a long time, but finally your empire is bigger! :) Playing with mechanical race I can colonize any habitable planet. Also planets go in sectors automatically and you can not change the sectors in this version of the game (very not good thing indeed).

Expanding the empire and exploring the nearby stars, you will soon find another neighbour races. It is time to begin saving Infuence Points and take kay stars that blocks the expansion of the neigbour races, no matter the distance. That could mean that sometimes the expansion itself should wait. In this game, I can block the neighbour human race with just three stars.

In Stellaris, the science ship is very important in the beginning. Before building starbases in new system, it must be surveyed by a science ship. While surveying it may find interesting anomalies that gives resources, science or quests. If the anomaly level is bigger than the level of the scientist leader in the science ship, it will be researched slower and the scientist may recieve some red trait.

I have finally managed to create a fleet to clear the neutral alien creatures in blockaded star systems. The size of the fleet can be increased with starbase structures and planet surface combat buildings. Now shields up and weapons online :)

It is time to undertake colony ship construction campaign and take the habitable planets in claimed sectors. Colony ships costs alloys, so i should plan accordingly.

The wars and wars system with other races in Stellaris Megacorp is very different than other similar space strategy game. The combats are familiar, ships fighting in epic battle with their best weapons. But to take a planet or system to your side is not done with conquaring, but with politics through claims. Before the war I have to make my claims and if I win the war I will get those claims, either lonely star systems and systems with planets.

There are two types of buildings on a given planet. One is to the lft panel and it depends on the population count of the planet, for exaple 10 population will unlock a building slot for any type of building. The other is the district buildings to the top left and they depend on the size of the planet and the planet quality and special traits. These buildings, or districts, are usualy for energy generation, mineral generation and housing.

The galaxy of Stellaris is full of strange and wonderful beings, some hostile and some friendly. The Enigmatic Cache is a friendly being that looks like a flying through space tube. Do not engage it, when the Enigmatic Cache visits a planet it will stay there for a while giving a boost of 15% to all research generated on the visited planet. Then it will move to another planet, like a bee gathering honey.

When your empire is bordered in all ends, it is time to think about getting star systems beyand the bordering empires or go to war to take new ones. Having separated territories will increase administrative penalties, but my robotic empire handle that very well. To cross the borders of neghbor territories I have to be either in good relations with them or at war. Reching far isolated stars may be done also through black holes and star gates. It si good to have key stars with starbases well positioned to cover the whole galaxy, to observe the development of others and reach fast end game events.

To use wormholes you need to descover a rare science(in purple). Then any science ship can go to a wormhole and exlore where it leades. Afterwords your ships will calculate the shortest way to their destinations considering the explored wormholes.

Space stations management is important part of the game. First, we have  a limited number of space stations, depending on the stars we control and other sciences. For every 10 stars we have +1 station to build. There are two types of stations: normal without a space port and Starbases that have a space port. There are number of modules that can be constructed in different star types.

No, this is not the Northern Wars of Europe, but me, handling the empires at the northern borders of the donut galaxy. I'm fighting against two empires, but they don't seem to be much of a threat.

While I was happily expanding to the South, the mercenary race to the north got insane. They turned out into a hostile race with huge fleet and began to destroy my starbases and conquare my planets, not by the ordinary war rules. This was the first global threat to the glorious P42 empire :) Just stay tuned for next movies to see how this global game event evolved.

While I was gathering enugh ships to hold the mercenary clans advance, they broke apart into two normal empires, each of them taking some of my lands and part of the clan fleet. Like some wise man said, divide and conquare, it is time for me to make a move and take my stars back one by one. The final bonus is the lands of the extinct mercenary race.

And so the galaxy became a dangerous place. P42 fleets were relentlessly attacking the clan star systems and one by one they all fell and returned their rightful ownership to P42 prime computer :)

The next initial threat in this stage of the game are the Fallen Empires. They will eventualy stay at a sleeping state untill the late game when they awake and begin to roam the space. On the other hand thay may punish empires that do not comply to their demands, but usualy do not take star systems. Or you can go and fight them if your fleet is maghty and glorious like those of P42 empire :)

Stellaris is an awesome game, but require a powerful processor to calculate the late game events. So this game will be finished in a draw.  But I will return again with a better computer to try and add one more galaxy to my trophies :)

Adventure Archive 30.05.2020 - 27.06.2020 

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