Sunday 1 November 2015

The Battle for Wesnoth - Elvish Champion

The Battle for Wesnoth - Elvish Champion Screenshot
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The Battle for Wesnoth is one of those amazing hex turn based strategy games, and they really are not many. Back in the days when I found it, I thought there are no more hex games I haven't play. And then tadaa - Wesnoth. And this is one reason I make this blog(beside to keep track of my adventures in the Matrix). There are cool games out there. They are just not promoted with a lot of money to reach everyone, everywhere. One day, they come to our attention, by some random events in the "information mix". And this game is free, I really admire its developers.

The screenshot is from after the 10th mission in the largest campaign. Back in the days, the game was crushing there, but now it is probably fixed. What I remember most, is that I needed to have at least one Elvish Champion, not only rangers, cavalries and healers, my favorites.

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Game Data:
Name: The Battle for Wesnoth. (2003)
Type: Turn Based Tactic (TBS), Turn Based Strategy (TBS),
Genre: Fantasy. (Wesnoth)
Year of Release: 2003
Platform: PC/Windows/Free - More Info

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