Sunday 29 November 2015

Space Rangers: A War Apart - The Best Games Ever

Space Rangers: A War Apart Screenshot
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The latest title in Space Ranger 2 series, including all previous versions. The Men in EG are doing what the gamers want, they keep the game style that is amazing and add new content. A lot of new features, ranger class, modules, ship component and quest make the game worth of replaying. I like the idea to get lost somewhere in space, but in this game there is always something to do. Going for delivery quests, mending the probes, gathering equipment in one planet and guarding it against pirates and dominators, collecting nodes for new modules, checking science labs for upgrading new equipment and searching for easy fights and system liberation.
Recorded adventure archive 10.11.2015 - 30.11.2015.
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Game data:
Genre: Space (Galaxy attacked by aliens and pirates)
Year of release: 2012
Platform: PC/Windows
Space Rangers: A War Apart Asteroid Screenshot.
There we are near the Rangers Center. The space is quiet, no ships around, but a random traveling asteroid, that is just in our weapons range. Destroying an asteroid will drop some minerals and if in friendly system, the authority may reward some credits. Sometimes though, there are research facilities on the asteroids and the contractors are not pleased. Back to the Rangers center. They are most important for obtaining new modules for nodes from Dominators. Good modules cost a lot of nodes. Pirates though like to destroy the Rangers centers so we need to guard them as much as possible.Space Rangers: A War Apart - Equipment Store Screenshot
 Equipment Store. This is where we buy modules for our ship.
Space Rangers: A War Apart - Ground Combat Screenshot
 Ground Combats are usually found on planets after the system is liberated from Dominators. Ground combats grant the most experience, money, as well as positive reaction from all races.
Space Rangers: A War Apart - Rakish Planet Screenshot
 Rakish - the Peleng home world in Phedok star system. My home planet.
Space Rangers: A War Apart - Galaxy Map Screenshot
 Galaxy Map. This is where i spend these days.
Space Rangers: A War Apart - Planet Scan Screenshot
 Planet Scan. Scanning the planets with probes can reveal some nice stuff, like this second level module that makes the ship engine superb!
Space Rangers: A War Apart - Ship Hull Screenshot
 Ship Hull. Larger hulls store a lot of junk, but slows down the ship.
Space Rangers: A War Apart - Special Agent Screenshot
 The Special Agents. They can be hired as well as they can give some special quests.
Space Rangers: A War Apart - Trade Center Screenshot
Trade Center. Traders can make a lot of money watching the prices of the products - buying cheep and selling expensive on other planets.
Space Rangers 2 - Black Goo Screenshot
Black Goo is very useful artifact when crossing systems controlled by Dominators or Pirates. No need to land on a planet to refuel.
Space Rangers: A War Apart - Rocket Launcher Screenshot
The very cool rocket launcher class C, that take only 8 space. Rocket launchers are best for black holes, while moving backward.
Space Rangers: A War Apart - Dominators Screenshot
 A nasty mob of Dominators are trying to catch me.
Space Rangers: A War Apart - Robots Limit Screenshot
  42 robot limit in ground combat. The limit is increased when new plants and bases are captured.
Space Rangers: A War Apart - Use the Search Screenshot
  And finally, do not forget to use the Search. It is easier to check for a modules there, than going from planet to planet to see what they sell.

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