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Pandora: First Contact - The Best Games Ever

Pandora: First Contact - Screenshot
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Pandora: First Contact is a turn based strategy game, that take place in a futuristic planet after mankind have master the space travel. It is a lot like Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, but with those new heavy 3D game engines and graphics that the new generation likes a lot. 
Recorded adventure archive 12.12.2015 - 18.12.2015.
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Game data:
TypeTurn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Futuristic.
Year of release: 2014
Platform: PC/Windows
Pandora: First Contact - First Colony Screenshot
Here is our first colonizer and this looks like a good spot to build our first base. Playing with the Terra Salvym, we receive +2 minerals on forests and just above, there is a food resource, that will  give +4 food with farm constructed.
Pandora: First Contact - First City Screenshot
Here is our first city. First we build another colonial trooper to explore the region. On the left we have the colony output and workers area, where we drag and drop the population. To the right are available units and structures for construction.
Pandora: First Contact - Alien Natives Screenshot
Sooner or later we meet the alien natives. At first they are not aggressive. There is a ruin over there. When our unit visit it, it may give some of the following: experience, alien unit, gold, food, minerals, or research points.
Pandora: First Contact - Xenomorph Drone Screenshot
An alien unit found in a ruin is a hardy explorer. Drones may enter in fungus like they are plains and do not take damage.
Pandora: First Contact - Other Races Screenshot
Suddenly we met another rival race. We should watch them closely how they develop. At some point they will try to colonize every free land, so we must be quick.
Pandora: First Contact - Technology Tree Screenshot
How to expand: It is best to leave the capitol to grow in size and focus on discovery of "Colonization Fervor" for the second city. Then the second city may build as many colonizers, but the first city need to be big, so it generate good migration for the newly cities.
Pandora: First Contact - Sunken Ruins Screenshot
In the moment we can enter the seas we need to look for remaining sea ruins for additional resources.
Pandora: First Contact - Xenomorph Queen Screenshot
A captured  Xenomorph Queen is staying in the fort to heal the injured units. To capture an alien we need to design a unit in the workshop, that have the special device. Queens can be found in alien hives.
Pandora: First Contact - City Screen Screenshot
 A well developed city after entering the second age. first we build the Drone Excavation center for more minerals and the Plant Air Suspension for additional food.
Pandora: First Contact - Economic Screen Screenshot
Economic Screen gives quick city inspections.
Pandora: First Contact - Tank Design Screenshot
When we discover the Tank Design, we are ready for war.
Pandora: First Contact - Alien Aggression Screenshot
Alien Aggression will occur whenever we attack them or not. A basic trooper with the second armor will do against natives.
Pandora: First Contact - Cloning Center Screenshot
The Cloning Center is an "Operation", that can be cast upon a city to speed growth. Operations are constructed like a unit or building, but it stay active till we use it and do not require support.
Pandora: First Contact - Workshop Screenshot
The workshop now contain many combat platforms, weapons and devices.
Pandora: First Contact - Ultimate Unit Screenshot
The ultimate Titan Mech unit may have more than 300 strength!  
Pandora: First Contact - Superb Empire Screenshot
 Our superb empire now consist of 15 cities, produce 14 000 gold per turn, have 600 000 gold in reserve and is guarded by some of the best units. There are as match as possible fungus, that do not interfere road connection. With two technologies from second and third era, fungus can give +4 food and +5 minerals, making them the best terrain.
Pandora: First Contact - Victory Screenshot
After 3 days of gameplay and just a little aggression in the beginning we finally made an Economic Victory. Not like the great old Alien Crossfire, but yet fun and exiting.

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