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UFO: Enemy Unknown - Soldier Statistics

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Every soldier in UFO: Enemy Unknown have some basic statistics that will affect his performance in combat. They also have a rank, that have no any game effect, although a high rank soldier should rise the squad's morale. What statistics do and how are they caped in the original UFO:
  • Time Units are used by the soldier to move and fire. One step on clear terrain cost 4 time unit. Capped at 80. Increase on kill.
  • Stamina will drop rapidly when the soldier make a lot of movement, thus he will need a turn or 2 without moving to regain it. The soldier can still fire even if without energy. Capped at 100. Increase on kill.
  • Health define how much damage a soldier can stand before he fall. A lot of health will ensure his survival. Capped at 60. Increase on kill, on damage taken.
  • Bravery defines if the soldier may panic or go berserk during combats. Do not take soldiers with less than 50 Bravery. Capped at 70. It increase rarely by 10. 
  • Reactions define if the soldier will fire during enemy turn. To make a reaction shot, the solder must have reserved time units for the shot, during the previous turn, and spot an enemy while moving or firing at him or another team member. Capped at 100. Increase on reaction made.
  • Firing Accuracy define the accuracy with ranged weapons. Capped at 100. Increase on kill.
  • Throwing Accuracy define how far a soldier can throw a grenade. Capped at 100. Increase on throwing anything.
  • Strength is used to carry load. If the soldier have a little strength and we put in his hands a heavy gun, his Time Units will fall. Capped at 70. Increase on kill and overloaded.
There are 2 more statistics unlocked at later stages.
  • Psi Defense. Soldiers with low psi defense will be easily taken under alien control.
  • Psi Attack. Soldiers with high psi attack can take aliens under control.
Game Data:
Name: UFO: Enemy Unknown. (X-COM 1) (1994)
Type: Turn Based Tactic (TBT), Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Futuristic (Earth)
Year of Release: 1994 - More Info
Platform: PC/DOS/Windows with DOS-Box

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