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Zeus: Master of Olympus - The Best Games Ever

Zeus: Master of Olympus Screenshots
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Zeus: Master of Olympus is a wonderful 2D city building simulator, that take place in ancient Greece. The game start on a clear map, where we place wide varieties of administrative, industrial, agricultural, trading and cultural buildings to make a glorious city.
Recorded adventure archive 14.10.2003 - 24.10.2003.
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Game Data:
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS), Live Simulator (SIM), City Building.
Genre: Ancient (Greece) 
Year of Release: 2000
Platform: PC/Windows
Zeus: Master of Olympus - Housing Screenshot
 We begin our adventure on the lands of the city of Thebes. It is not yet constructed so we need to build it. The place for the houses is set and the palace is constructed. Palace allows to collect taxes.
Zeus: Master of Olympus - Map Screenshot
These are the the neigbour cities that we can trade with, or will attack us, if we do not have good relationship.
Zeus: Master of Olympus - Storage Screenshot
The storage area is hard to settle. All granaries and storehouses need to have access to the agoras. In the same time they need to be as fare from the hoses, because they reduce the appeal.
Zeus: Master of Olympus - Appeal Screenshot
The city is growing, we need to place some fountains and gardens here and there. They will rise the appeal of the surrounding area.
Zeus: Master of Olympus - Culture Screenshot
To evolve more, and become a gorgeous town, the people need access to cultural buildings, like Theaters, Podiums and Gymnasiums.  
Zeus: Master of Olympus - Hydra Monster Screenshot
Far to the east we found a marble deposit an a Hydra Monster guarding it. To get rid of the hydra, we have to build a Hero Hall and call the hero to help. Every hero hall have a specific needs, like good appeal, and different kind of goods in storage.
Zeus: Master of Olympus - Monuments Screenshot
We have almost completed our first Monument. It is an enormous buildings that need a lot of time and material to build, but will defend the city from rival attacks.
Zeus: Master of Olympus - Onion Farm Screenshot
 A lot of Onion Farm are needed to feed  the population.
Zeus: Master of Olympus - Overfilled Screenshot
It is good when warehouses are filled with goods, but it is bad if we forget to place a maintenance building around.

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