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Civilization 5: Brave New World - The Best Games Ever

Civilization 5: Brave New World Screenshot
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  Civilization 5: Brave New World is the latest expansion of Civ 5 series. New resources, civilizations and features makes the game even more interesting.
Recorded adventure archive 14.01.2016 - 20.01.2016.
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Game Data:
Name: Civilization 5: Brave New World.  
Type: Turn Based Strategy (TBS)
Genre: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Modern. (Earth)
Year of Release: 2013
Platform: PC/Windows
Civilization 5: Brave New World - City Screen
Hers is the city screen. Our town is on a river, which is cool - this allow two additional buildings. We have a World Wonder, which generates a great merchant.  But let's explore the whole status bar on the top.
  • First blue one is the Science generated. Every two citizens will bring a science point if the city have a Library. We may leave some jungles around a science oriented city, jungles will bring +2 more science when worked.
  • Next yellow one is the available Gold and the income in brackets. Gold is very sparse in the beginning. Buildings, units and roads need gold for maintenance. If the gold is not enough, it will subtract from the science until science get 0 too. 
  • Next white arrows are the Trade Routes - they are used to generate gold or bring food or production to other cities in the empire. Caravan is  needed to make a route.
  • Then we have the most important indicator, the Happiness, marked by a smiled face and green number. If the happiness fall under 0, the face will become red and the empire begin to suffer growth and production. Under 10, barbarians will begin to appear. Happiness is generated by Great Wonders, and buildings. It is good to have cities with Horses around, they allow one additional building to bring happiness - the Circus. Happiness comes from some faith buildings.
  • Next purple indicator is the Culture. Culture helps a city to expand in radius and to apply Social Policies. Culture is generated by Wonders, buildings, policies and land improvements. Also some wonders and buildings have a "great work slots", where great persons may be placed to bring even more culture.
  • Next one is the Tourism indicator. Tourism comes from culture and it is used to achieve a cultural victory.
  • Then we have the Faith indicator. Faith is generated by buildings and improvements. Some nations like the Celts get faith from unimproved forests. Faith resource is like gold, we can spend it to purchase specific buildings and units, even Great Persons. Firs we need to find a religion and choose the traits that best suits for us. There are 4 very important buildings available by religion. Cathedrals - give happiness, culture, faith and one slot for great artist. Pagoda - +2 happiness, +2 culture + 2 faith. Mosque - happiness, culture, faith. Monastery - culture and faith. In best scenario, these 4 buildings may be controlled by 2 religions. We may change religion with missionaries  to get all 4 buildings.
  • The indicators to the right show the strategic resources the empire has.
Civilization 5: Brave New World - War Declared
The first war with the continent neighbor begun in 1782 AD. Hopefully the continent was very good for defense.
Civilization 5: Brave New World - Great Artist Work
A great artist can create a Great Work of Art in one of our cities, which have a slot for the painting.
Civilization 5: Brave New World - Discovery
We have researched a new technology.
Civilization 5: Brave New World - Inca Terrace Farm
 Inca civilization with their cool leader Pachacuti, is may be one of the best.  They play orange(my favorite color), do not pay for improvements on hills and have these cool Terrace Farms, which may bring even +3 food and +3 production on hills.
Civilization 5: Brave New World - 120 000 Gold
You need gold playing Civ 5? Here is 120 k gold :) And Truffles :)
Civilization 5: Brave New World - Super Archer
 Here is the ultimate crossbowman unit with 7 levels. He have +1 range and double shot, making him the ruler on the battlefield. To develop such archer, first we need 3 levels in plain or rough attack. Having them he can take double shot or +1 range. The range is better, because from then on he can fire upon cities without consequences and make the next level for double shot. In BNW though, upgrading the archer will reduce its range with 1.
Civilization 5: Brave New World - Super Battleship
The easiest way to win Civilization 5: Brave New World, playing continents, is to make 5-6 ranged attack ships. On the third upgrade, it will become a battleship. Now the battleship is easier to get +1 range. It need only 2 levels in on of sea or ground attack. But to take the double shot, it will need 3 levels from one of each. It is very easy to ride a coastal city with +1 ranged battleships. The city defense can not reach them and there is no obstacles in the water for maneuvering.

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