Monday 1 June 2015

DOS-Box Automatic Mount Screenshots

DOS-Box Finding the Options.bat file
DOS Box Hint Screenshots
When we are tired of mounting our game over and over again when using DOS-Box, we can automate this process through the options bat file.
To automate the mounting process:
1. Find the options bat file in the folder where the DOS box is installed. By default it is in c:\program files\DOSBox-(version).
2. Find the the DOSBox bat file and run it.
DOS-Box Automatic Mount  Screenshot
 3. At the bottom of the bat file find the string "[autoexec]"
just below it place/type the mounting comands, all in a new row like in the screen, for example:

mount o D:\games\thegameiplay (the path to the dos game we want to play)
game.exe (the executable file of the game, it may be .EXE, .COM or .BAT)