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UFO: Afterlight - Gathling Gun Ambush

UFO Afterlight - Gathling Gun Ambush Description
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It was a calm night on Mars, when one of the installation structures appeared to be attacked by the Rticulans. In UFO Afterlight PC video game, the Reticulans are not the strongest enemy, and they will even become allies at some point. Because the team was familiar with the terrain, they put on Gatling guns and positioned at the end of the forming tunnel on thе low ground. Gatling guns are the soul reapers for Reticulans, because they are physically week and come in many numbers, a spray of bullets from five soldiers is just a slaughter. During night, the team can't actually see them, but being psychically active, Reticulans are easily detected by Psi detection. Night vision helps too.

And Rita, always free minded and disobedient, she is standing over the highground with the shotgun observing the battle. Although her role seems lazy, she is guarding that one entrance from above (seen on the minimap)

  • Good weapons to fight the aliens in UFO Afterlight:
  • Reticulans - Gathling Guns, Snipers, Shotguns;
  • Beastmen - Shotguns, Plasma, Warp weapons;
  • Beastmen Pets - Shotguns, Gathliing Guns;
  • Martians - Saw Blades, Warp weapons;
  • Ghosts - Plasma weapons, Warp Guns.
Game Data:
Name: UFO Afterlight
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS), Real Time Tactic (RTT)
Genre: Futuristic (Mars) 
Year of Release: 2007
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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