Friday 26 June 2015

UFO: Aftershock - Invincible Cyborg Ranger Screenshot

UFO Aftershock - Invincible Cyborg Ranger Description
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It is always good to have one cyborg ranger when assembling the squad in UFO Aftershock PC video game. In this screenshot, the team is facing a group of Wargots in an opened ground and have the advantage to be on the high ground. The cyborg ranger is very fast, moving forward and exploring. While the rest of the squad are coming to help, Gugry the ranger is engaging a Wargot Power Armour, onе of the heaviest alien unit. With 3th level Ranger Ability he is able to fire with two sub machine guns simultaneously and do it very fast. When the Power Armor begin to shoot or throw grenades, he will move aside or behind the tree and continue to scratch it.

In most situations, the cyborg ranger can handle a group of Wargots by himself, being able to remain standing after heavy plasma hits(from Gunner 3 ability). But not in that particular situation. While he is playing with the Power Armor, the rest of the aliens are crawling up the hill. First is the Wargot Scout - annoying alien that is just blocking the teams' line of fire. One of the creatures is already rolling down the slope hit by the snipers and next one is being targeted. The four Machine Gunners are taking position behind that tree and when they manage it, the Wargots will be shred apart.

Here is a Wargot battle movie:

Game Data:
Name: UFO Aftershock
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS), Real Time Tactic (RTT)
Genre: Futuristic, Post Apocalyptic
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info
Year of Release: 2005

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