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Knights of Honor - Court and Happiness Description
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In Knights of Honor PC video game we can make our towns so happy, that they never rebel. Also it is important what governors we have in the royal court(up on the screenshot). Here is what the statistics for the cities mean:
  • The Happiness statistic is the first column in the center. It have a negative sign, which means the chance of rebellion is negative, or none. Sometimes we may need some rebels to train our Generals, but this is a risky task. In that case we need the data to become positive in red color.
  • The Population is the second statistic. It is important to make army.
  • The Food is next statistic, food is needed by the population to grow faster.
  • The Books are used for the research.
  • The Pioty is important to population and taxes.
  • And the Gold income is the most important property of a given town.
The anchor near the city, means that it is near a sea and can have some unique buildings like Ports and Admiralities.
  • The Royal Court is the group of our advisers and officers:
  • The Red ones are Generals. They lead the army in battles and move on the map.
  • The Yellow ones are Merchants. They are assigned to a city to increase it gold income or sent to trade with other nations countries.
  • The Blue one is the Cleric. He is responsible for the religion wellness for the city assigned, increasing Pioty and Books.
There are 3 more royals not present in the screen, because the optimisation of the late game stage.
  • Landlords that increases food in a city;
  • Builders that speeds up building production;
  • Spies that make intrigues.
Game Data:
Name: Knights of Honor
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS)
Genre: Medieval (Europe)
Year of Release: 2004
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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