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Icewind Dale 2 - Fighting Trolls

Icewind Dale 2 - Fighting Trolls Description
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Icewind Dale 2 is a marvelous RPG game. Fighting Trolls in Icewind Dale series may be a little taught, because trolls are immune to most damage, especially physical. As a rule of thumb, trolls can be slain only with Fire and Acid damage. They may fall after beaten hard with any weapon, but they will not die. So good idea is to save some low level fire spells like Burning Hands to finish them off. Here is what may hurt trolls:

  • Fire Arrows - A squad equipped with ranged weapons and fire arrows may slay one troll. Because they are expensive, they may be used just to finish them.
  • Acid Arrows - Same as the fire arrows.
  • Weapons - any weapon with +1 or more Fire or Acid damage on it, will hurt the trolls.
  • Fireball - An area effect spell that is burning everything in a 20 feet radius, even allies. Must be careful with this spell. It may be found in the snake statue with the lizard king.
  • Flame Arrow - A low level spell that deals 5-30 guaranteed fire damage. It may be found in Temple of the Forgotten God.
  • Melf's Acid Arrow - A low level spell that deal acid damage.
  • Burning Hands - A 1st level spell that need the caster to be close to the target, useful for finishing trolls.
  • Produce Fire - Target a single enemy for a good fire damage.
  • Flame Strike (seen on the screenshot) - Calls down a column of fire to burn the enemies for big damage. 
  • Fire Storm - Similar to Fireball, but weaker.
  • Acid Storm (seen on the screenshot) - A powerful area effect spell, that continue to bite the enemies with acid damage when they leave the area of effect.
Game Data:
Name: Icewind Dale 2
Type: Role Playing Game (RPG) Adventure (ADV)
Genre: Fantasy (Icewind Dale)
Year of Release: 2002, 2014
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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