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Majesty 2 - Elf Statistics Screenshot

Majesty 2 - Elf Statistics Description
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This is a statistic info for the Elf hero from Majesty 2 PC video game. Elves are the most mobile and curious units, thus they play an important role in the gameplay.

1. The blue slider above the avatar show the mana reserve. Elves use mana to cast some spells obtained from their home building, like Haste and some lovely arrow shots, like Entangling.

2. The green bar under the avatar is the elf health. It is not much, but elves tend to run from the battle and save themselve when things get messy.
3. Orange bar on the top is the hero experience and general level.

4. Left column shows equipped items and potions. This is the level 3 bow and level 3 medium armor, researched in the Forge. Then we have the healing potion and mana potion, which the unit use as needed in battle. Potions are obtained from the Magic Shop(bazaar)

5. Elf Statistics.
     5.1. First column:
  • Strength(the white fist) is the fighter statistic, it is not needed for elves, because it affects melee   damage.
  • Agility(the white aim) is the main Elf statistic. When hireing elves, watch that statistic, if it is les than 18, drop that elf and train another.
  • Intelligence(the white book) is somewhat important for an elf, because he have some spells to cast. It is good to be over 10, but having 20 Agility this particular elf on the screenshot is excellent one.
  • Stamina(the white bag caring) is important for hero running speed. For elves it have a maximum value of 12.
    5.2. Second column:
  • Ranged Damage(white arrow) - the amount of damage the elf do on hit with arrow.
  • Magic Damage(white lightning) - the amount of damage the elf do on hit with magic attacks.
  • Movement Speed(white run) - the move speed of the elf  maximum of 6
   5.3.Third column:
  •    They are the melee defense, ranged defense and magic defense of the unit.
Game Data:
Name: Majesty 2
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS), Real Time Tactic (RTT) Live Simulator (SIM)
Genre: Fantasy
Year of Release: 2009
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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