Tuesday 30 June 2015

Majesty 2 - Best Heroes Party Screensot

Majesty 2 - Best Heroes Party Description
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When we have good amount of heroes on Majesty 2 PC video game we may search to create the most powerful and durable group. In that case we put the high level heroes. Variables are plenty, we can put only fighters or rangers, but a diverse group is a good idea. This suggestion is based on one tank fighter and 3 ranged heroes, one of them mandatory healer.
  • Fighter: There are 4 types of fighters, the basic Warrior, the Blademaster(third in group on screenshot), Paladins and the Dwarf. The Warriors are week, they need to be placed in the casual basic groups. The dwarfs are slow, they a perfect for defense not being in a group. Paladins are somewhat pretentious and best go alone or in group of 2 with some support. The blademaster seems the best choice, he also have some lovely special abilities.
  • Rangers: Some units have ranged weapons, like Hunters, Elves(first in group on screen), Bestmasters(second in group on screen). Ranged units are the support and DPS of the group. 
  • Mages: Spellcasters are the Mage, the Ice Mage and Sister of Crypta, Mages seems very good damage dealer, but they are very week. If we place a mage in a group, we have to ensure he is full supplied with potions and abilities, or he will perish very often, and resurrecting them cost a lot.
  • Healers: The most important heroes are the healers: the Clerics and the Priestess(forth in the screenshot). They will heal the party having enough mana and engage enemies with magical ranged attack 
  • Rogues: They are cool for scouting and harassing enemies.
Game Data:
Name: Majesty 2
Type: Real Time Strategy (RTS), Real Time Tactic (RTT) Live Simulator (SIM)
Genre: Fantasy
Year of Release: 2009
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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