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The Sims - Basic House Sceenshot

The Sims - Basic House Description
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This is a basic house in Sims 1 PC video game. In time it will become a real estate but for now, our humble character Uga is happy with what he have. It is pretty much like my real home, except for some gadgets I still want to have. So lets see.

Entrance: The entrance is fine, we have a mailbox, a tree, near the tree the cat toys, where Mimi sharpens her claws. From the other site there is a camp fire. I do not have campfire before my apartment thought.

Living Room: There is the alarm and the phone near the front door. Trash bags to the sides and two tables for putting stuff. There is a strange chessplay in the corner. Then is the kitchen plot, the sink, the stove and the refrigerator. There is the fire alarm near the stove and a painting over the sink, to distract the dish washer. In the middle we have a big guest table and of course the coffee machine on it, nice place to put it. To the side is the TV and the sofa.

Bathroom: The bathroom is big and have all extras. It is a little more than basic.

Bedroom: In the bedroom there is only a carpet, a lamp and the bed. A painting on the wall gives additional comfort and Uga is now sleeping

Game Data:
Name: The Sims
Type: Live Simulator (SIM)
Genre: Modern (Urban)
Year of Release: 2000
Platform: PC/Windows - More Info

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